Kynance Mews Four Seasons Garden

Kynance Mews, SW7
August 2018



“London’s Most Beautiful Mews deserves the Most Beautiful Flowers.”



This is the core value shared by a group of owners and residents of Kynance Mews when they funded May Noradee Properties + Designs to regenerate and beautify the mews by creating the “Four Seasons Secret Garden” outside their properties.


Kynance Mews has always been known for its horticultural beauty. The iconic red vine above its entrance archway in Autumn, and Wisteria blossoms in spring are world famous, but there is so much more to the mews than meets the eye.


The west end part of the mews was a combination of centuries old trees, majestically screening off the Church with beautiful green foliage, aged Victorian brick wall with myriads of textures and colours which could only be acquired from natural aging process.


After the trees were cut down in 2017 and the boundary wall between Kynance Mews and Christ Church Kensington rebuilt in 2018, the views across this part of the mews became terrible. Gone were the lush greenery that residents and everyone passing by were accustomed to. The street looked completely barren.  A group of owners and residents decided to get together to fund a new flower garden to bring back the greenery that was lost, in the hope to bring joy to everyone who lives in and visits the mews.


May Noradee and Yuko Nakamura designed the Four Seasons Secret Garden by rearranging existing flowers already on the mews such as roses, hydrangeas, magnolias, camelias, Japanese maples, elderflowers etc. with new bedding plants to create an English Cottage style flower garden.  Nothing was thrown away.


The mixture of plants is programmed in such a way that flowers bloom all year round. The initial planting of the garden was carried out by May Noradee and Landform Consultants led by Mark Gregory in August 2018. May and her team then handcrafted bamboo trellises on site specially for the climbers, such as roses, clematis and honeysuckles to create a green wall.


The Four Seasons Secret Garden has since been featured in various photoshoots and filming locations for fashion and consumer brands.





Garden Designers:

Yuko Nagamura

May Noradee – May Noradee Properties + Designs

Project Manager:

May Noradee – May Noradee Properties + Designs

Garden Contractors:

Mark Gregory – Landform Consultants

May Noradee Properties + Designs



May Noradee Properties + Designs