Baan Rim Nahm Clubhouse

Baan Rim Nahm
In Progress

The new Clubhouse design and construction methodology took inspiration from maritime lifestyle and naval construction.

Inspired by a ship’s anatomy, the lower level consists of a protective waterproof concrete shell designed to withstand severe flooding and environmental extremes, with minimal maintenance, just like a ship’s interior cabin. The solidity of this earthy form is contrasted by the light and airiness of the upper level “deck” full-height double glazed wall, appropriately relates to the distance and horizon of open water, offering an uninterrupted, panoramic view of the Lake.

Exterior access to the Clubhouse is limited to the “upper deck” only, again just like on a ship. Upon arrival from the ramp, the members are greeted with a cosy fire at the Reception Area, and the uninterrupted panoramic view of the Lake beyond. The changing facilities in the “Lower Cabin” can only be accessed via internal staircase, ensuring high security as well as allowing the lower level to be constructed without any opening at ground, which in turn provides an extra 2.5m of solid waterproof concrete wall against flood water.

The open-plan of the upper level is also designed to offer flexible use of space for various events throughout the Club’s calendar year.  The upper deck also provides “wet zone” for the wet sailors to relax under the shelter of the timber-screen walls, made from reclaimed timber pieces from the old demolished clubhouse, again offering the uninterrupted view of the Lake, and space for non-sailors to watch the boat races.

By locating the new Clubhouse 3m above a typical water level, the Club will further gain a large outdoor terrace to be used for outdoor social activities, or to be rented out for outdoor live performance during festivals etc. whilst remains flood resistant during Monsoon Season.