21 Aug / A Road Towards Sustainability with BREEAM

Following our latest success in full-scale design and construction project in Kynance Mews, we visited BRE Innovation Park in Watford today to learn more about sustainability in design & construction techniques, in the hope of improving our standard of excellence for future projects.

BRE Innovation Park was certainly inspiring for us and we wished we had visited sooner because the research centre held a wealth of resources which were relevant to what we do in all our projects.

Rest assured, we will be following BREEAM standard for best practice in buiding design and construction in all our future projects, including more sustainable materials sourcing and specifications as well as greener construction methods.


Thank you Orivaldo Barros for hosting us at BRE Innovation Park, Watford

Thank you Orivaldo Barros for hosting our director, May Noradee, at BRE Innovation Park, Watford

By May in News